Super Fit Kids

Our focus is to help inspire, educate and motivate America’s youth to live healthy lives.

Super Fit Kids is a supervised fitness center for kids, ages 3 to 13 years old. It was started because of rising concerns of childhood obesity, diabetes, and lack of physical education classes in schools. Our equipment has been designed and made smaller to fit a child’s body. We have equipment for every major muscle group, dumbbells and cardiovascular equipment including ellipticals, bikes, and step m achines. The variety of exercise equipment, group activities, nutritional guidance, in addition to free personal training will help your child begin to create a healthier lifestyle that will carry into his/her adult years.

Our trainers will design an exercise program for your child and work with him/her one-on-one or in groups to understand the machines and to teach them about the body part they are exercising. They will encourage and motivate your child to exercise and develop healthy habits. Your child will have fun working out in a safe and clean environment while learning proper gym etiquette and making new friends. With strengthened muscles, increased endurance, and enhanced hand-eye coordination, we believe your child’s self esteem and confidence will receive a boost from the training at Super Fit Kids. You or your child may notice a more positive attitude, more restful sleep, doing better in school, and learning the effects of teamwork. Invest early in your child’s health. Seeing your child fit, healthy and happy is a parent’s reward and best of all it is affordable.